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What is ALAG?

The Assisted Living Association of Georgia (ALAG) is a statewide nonprofit organization comprised of individuals and companies actively involved in the management and ownership of assisted living communities, senior communities, and homes for the mentally/physically disabled.

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ALAG’s primary mission is to inform the general public and involved professions of options and opportunities available which will be helpful to them, either as consumers or providers of senior services. ALAG will be an advocate, for both its members and residents of assisted living and senior communities.

Why should I join?

When you become a member of ALAG, you get exclusive access to a community of other owners and industry partners who are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the people we serve.

Exclusive Education

We offer exclusive access to current development and training educational materials providing you with the latest in industry knowledge and care!

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Becoming a member of ALAG gives you new ways to reach your community’s goals by networking with other members.

Legislative Input

Members of ALAG get ground floor information on proposed legislative and regulatory changes and gain input into introduction of legislative and regulatory proposals.

Upcoming Events

During our annual meetings and regional trainings, we’re updating and training our members on the latest legislative and regulatory propsals, expanding their networks of service and care, and contiuning to build a bigger, better, and more helpful community of senior living partners for our residents.

Upcoming Events

Before You Visit

With all of the various locations, types of communities, and varying levels of care, making decisions for your loved ones can be daunting—especially if it’s your first time. So, we compiled a Senior Living Checklist to help curb some of the anxieties we’ve seen others have when making these decisions.

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