About ALAG

Mission Statement
The Assisted Living Association of Georgia (ALAG) is a statewide nonprofit organization comprised of individuals and companies actively involved in the management and ownership of assisted living communities, senior communities and homes for the mentally/physically disabled.

Membership is also extended to businesses that service and supply the communities and homes.

ALAG’s primary mission is to inform the general public and involved professions of options and opportunities available which will be helpful to them, either as consumers or providers of senior services. ALAG will be an advocate, for both its members and residents of assisted living and senior communities.

These purposes shall be achieved by:

  1. The education of the membership and the public.
  2. Advocacy on behalf of senior services homes and community owners and residents.
  3. The pooling of community resources

Code of Ethics

• Serve the interest of adults needing assistance, with the objective of enhancing their quality of life while fulfilling their immediate needs.

• Encourage an environment of the highest quality and integrity in the ownership and management of assisted living homes or senior retirement communities.

• Act with fairness, honesty, and a sense of social responsibility in relationship to others.

• Encourage the development and implementation of innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of aging and/or disabled adults.

• Convey to the general public, through professional and personal conduct, a positive image of the senior services offered to the community.